Le Jardin des Alpes

Your skin has secrets only nature understands...

Home of natural remedies, the flora of the Swiss Alps is recognized worldwide as having an ancestral heritage of health and beauty.
High in the Alps, isolated from the rest of the world, flourishes a family treasure: Le Jardin des Alpes.

Remaining loyal to old-fashioned methods and traditions, Le Jardin des Alpes cultivates its flowers and plants in a small elevated mountain pasture in the valley of Zermatt, where it benefits from the sunshine particular to the mountains of Valais. This is where nature's summits and cosmetic research meet, the union of ancient scientific methods with the most modern of technologies.

Le Jardin des Alpes is a cosmetic line that is the result of the many discoveries of a Swiss innovator who was fascinated by the life sciences. A well-kept secret has now been revealed enabling you to preserve the beauty and health of your skin. Le Jardin des Alpes proposes different preparations for the specific needs of each individual, just as pharmacists used to prepare special formulas composed of medicinal plants according to the needs of each of their patients, in the old Swiss apothecaries. Their light and silky textures with their subtly delicate perfume are nature's gifts.

A pleasure and ritual to enjoy each day...for the love of your skin

Cleansing Milk

A source of purity for thousands of years, Swiss glacier spring water combines with three essential active ingredients to maintain your skin's integrity.
Each of them occupies a strategic place:
- calendula and arnica extract for their calming, softening, soothing and healing properties.
- saccharide isomerate captures and preserves the water in the skin?s surface layers, thus reducing cutaneous dehydration and effectively combatting roughness and loss of elasticity.

Tonic Lotion

A real beauty boost that combines the toning properties of gentian, the gentleness of calendula, and the impressive water-binding powers of saccharide isomerate.
Always combined with Swiss glacier spring water, which is the intrinsic signature of the product range, this blend of active ingredients prepares the skin for subsequent care.

Gentle Exfoliant Cleanser

Effectiveness to the power of 3: Three times more exfoliating action, three times more soothing, three times more active ingredients that penetrate the skin thanks to the exfoliating trio of diatoms. Effectiveness in 3D : Improvement in cellular oxygen uptake which promotes a radiant complexion. Help with cellular renewal, which refines the skin texture. Helps the penetration of active ingredients, which optimises the action of the 'active care ingredients'. This powerful blend combines with the toning properties of gentian, the gentleness of calendula, and the immediate and longer-lasting calming action of caprylyl glycol, so that the facial scrub reveals a truly radiant skin.

Day Cream

Protecting is good, combatting is better, repairing is preferable. Your skin can no longer be exposed without cream. UVA/UVB filter and vitamin E are the 'protective accomplices', the tocotrienol complex and hydrating complex are special partners in combatting stress, oxidation, pollution and dehydration. Finally, musk rose oil and calendula extract act to gently regenerate and restructure.

Night Cream Sleep while it takes care of you!

Smoothness and effectiveness are on your night-time schedule. As you fall asleep, benefit from the soothing, restructuring and hydrating action of carrageen, with its anti-aging properties. In the middle of the night, firming action thanks to echinacea extract. On waking, toning, strengthening and hydration are on the agenda, thanks to evening primrose oil and bioproteins. Now you are ready to face a new day with serenity.

Anti-Age Serum

A veil of lightness for maximum effectiveness; wrinkles don?t have a chance with this serum, which is full of intensity, suppleness and agility, playing to gain time. A team of active ingredients united against the signs of aging mobilises to win the ultimate beauty challenge. A powerful combination of butterfly bush and plantago extracts effectively combats stress, oxidation and pollution. The secret weapon: Swiss glacier spring water and isomerate brilliantly act to replenish moisture, the giver of life, of hydration and a smooth skin.

Moisturizing Mask

A true mark of beauty, this mask combines all the necessary ingredients to give your skin a 'second youth'. Researchers have succeeded brilliantly in combining red algae and musk rose for their regenerating and restructuring effect, hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate to capture moisture and fix it in the upper layers of the skin, thus reducing cutaneous dehydration and effectively combatting the signs of aging. A drop of mallow and papaya replenish energy levels in a gentle way.

Eye Lift Cream

The perfect product for your eyes, which will become indispensable, thanks to the botanical extracts whose sole aim is to preserve the youth and sparkle of your eyes, by combining the effectiveness of anti-radical action with the protection of the collagen fibres. Energy, water, restructuring, decongesting, this product has everything to become the essential tool to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Hand Serum

Don't let your hands betray you, give them freedom of expression. No more lizard skin, no more age spots, make way for smoothness and lightness. The genius of botanical ingredients and natural vitamin C offers you exclusive toning, luminosity, hydration and protection.

Body lotion

Effects: Moisturising, nourishing, regenerating, restructuring, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, prevents loss of elasticity, stimulates collagen production, skin looks firm and radiant.

Mystic oil

Dry oil, face, body & hair Dry oil, face, body & hair Effects: Moisturising, regenerating, restructuring, prevents premature ageing of the skin, softening, firming, invigorating, antiseptic, contains vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant, brightens and tones tissues, helps protect skin from sun damage.