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Rituel de Vitalite is a partnered corporation of ALS manufacturing a cosmetic line of the same name of utterly high profile. To help best promote this premier luxurious beauty brand, ALS has had the honor to take over its marketing responsibility in the Asian market.



By Scientific Director, Dr. de Vita

“After more than 25 years of activity in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine I have decided to offer my experience to as many people as possible, which I have matured on field during all of this time. Since 1990,
I have been working on personalized cosmetics, creating product formulations for my patients that I have made based on the research of their specific skin conditions. A decisive input to further develop this research was Nancy Brilli’s need, my partner. Her job as an actress obliges her to use heavy make-up and to remain under screen lights for many hours, with great stress on her skin and extreme condition that takes to early aging of tissues. For this reason, she has always been searching for products that could contain damages. Skin aging problems, that over the years becomes thinner, transform it loses its tonic and softness. Little by little small creases are formed that then turn into wrinkles… and skin doesn’t have brightness, energy anymore…

We must contrast this process with substances that do not create other damage. My mission was to develop formulations by using natural products as much as possible, reducing at its most the presence of chemicals and without any addition of fragrances that so often determine allergic phenomenon. My philosophy became: the maximum well-being for skin combined to a strong anti-aging action”.

Dr. de Vita’s Biography: Roy de Vita, Scientific Director, born in Naples where he obtained a degree with honors. He is a specialist in Plastic Surgery; he is Head of the Ward of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the National Institute of Tumors of Rome “Regina Elena”. He is member of the Supreme Council of Health as expert. He has a surgery case record of more than 10.000 operations. He has matured a long professional experience in Italy, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and USA. He is the author of several scientific printed publications.


The Serum   Light emulsion

Light emulsion with a strong penetrating power and doesn’t contain added fragrances. This anti-ageing concentration is a specific treatment that allows to efficiently fight the signs of ageing. Enriched with an active principal with a tensor effect, it visibly tones down wrinkles reviving tonic to skin. Skin finds a smooth aspect once again and features are better defined.

Apply in the morning and in the evening on face and neck that have already been washed with Emulsion cleansing.

The Cream   Anti-ageing emulsion

It is an anti-ageing and protective emulsion that aims at thin and deep winkles and does not contain added fragrances.

This daily treatment, which has a tensor effect, is enriched with avocado oil that has a power that is both regenerating and renovating. In addition this cream contains solar filters that protect skin from its harmful effects. Wrinkles are visibly toned down and skin appears more tonic.

It must be applied every evening on face and neck that have been perfectly washed with the Emulsion cleansing.

The Emulsion

Extremely soft deterging cream.

This mousse makes skin soft, fresh with an incredible sense of well-being.
It does not contain added fragrances.

When you use it, you should put a small amount of product in the palm of your hand, preferably wet. Apply on the entire face surface and massage delicately. Rinse off abundantly with water.

The Eye Contour

It is a precious, restructuring, anti-wrinkle cream.

It goes to work on the fragile skin around the eyes, restoring tone and freshness. Regu-Age, an active complex of plant origin, improves micro-circulation and protects the integrity of elastin and collagen fibres, effectively combating shadows and bags under the eyes. In combination with the tensing effect of Polylift and the regenerative effect of Matrixil, it creates a powerful synergy that counteracts the harmful effects of free radicals, restoring shine and compactness to tissues. The area around the eyes regains tone and brightness; wrinkles become visibly fainter, while signs of strain are reabsorbed.
It does not contain added fragrances.

Travel set

A valuable travel pack that includes three products in the RdV line:
The Emulsion (10 ml bottle)
The Cream (10 ml jar)
The Serum (5 ml bottle)
Designed to overcome the effects of air transport, RdV travel set is the perfect travel companion for those who wish to care for their skin, at all times.

Rituel de Vitalite for Men

Coming soon…

Rituel de Vitalite is going to introduce on the market an anti-ageing cosmetics line for men.
A special line that is not derived from the women’s range, but is formulated for the specific needs of male skin, to increase the cutaneous defense against external agents, protects the tissues, slows down ageing signs.

The men’s range:
-The Cream 50 ml
-The Serum 30 ml
-The After Shave 50 ml