ALS Background

ALS Background 

With a background of running successful medical programs in Switzerland for years, ALS SA has affiliated itself with a large majority of Swiss medical clinics and hospitals and has been extremely active in the healthcare business, which has given it convenient access to rich resources for the anti-ageing development. Supported by a team of highly qualified specialists in a much diverse range of studies and researches, ALS SA boasts unparalleled capability of offering the most advanced and leading edge of anti-ageing products of its kind.

Swiss Leading Hospitals

Best in Class
The highest level of patient satisfaction, top quality, and above average performance are the best in class. All 18 members of the SWISS LEADING HOSPITALS ensure excellent care and outstanding medical and nursing performance, as well as top quality facilities and high level quality and comfort in all areas.

Hirslanden Group

13 World-class Swiss Clinics
The Hirslanden clinics belong to the most sought after and renowned private hospitals in Switzerland. Modern infrastructure, internationally recognised state-of-the-art medicine and patient orientated service are all part of our range of services. With its 13 clinics between Lake Constance and Lake Geneva Hirslanden covers nearly all areas of Switzerland. The spectrum offered covers 25 main specialities as well as further specialities.