What is anti-ageing?


Ageing as a disease can be treated if started early, but it is never too late.

Seventy percent of longevity is related to lifestyle and therefore controllable. The remainder thirty percent is controlled by our genetics.  Anti-aging medicine is about a medical approach scientifically designed to deter the aging process through a comprehensive proactive anti-aging program focusing on 5 key areas: diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, hormonal enhancement, and stress reduction.

To deter the onset of the aging process and eradicate this disease, the anti-aging medical specialist employs a multi-discipline approach, incorporating nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, general medicine, endocrinology, toxicology, physical medicine, preventive medicine, and ortho-molecular medicine etc. as the basis of its study into the aging process.

Therapeutic modalities employed to deter the aging process includes: bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy, nutritional medicine, chelation therapy, psychotherapy, and others. Drugs and medicine are used in conjunction with non-invasive alternative approach to eradicate age related degenerative disease such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension at its root.