What is ageing?


Ageing is a disease that starts at age 25 without any warning sign.  This is the beginning of the sub-clinical phase of the disease and will last about 10 years. There are no outward signs or symptoms, but inside the cell, free radical damage has already begun. All regular laboratory tests are "normal". Our current diagnostic equipment and laboratory test is not sensitive enough to measure intracellular changes of age-related degenerative diseases.

By age 35, a good portion of our cellular protein has been damaged by oxidative stress of pollution, stress, and poor food habits. Significant mutational changes are already well entrenched that eventually may leads to cancer and other degenerative diseases. Symptoms such as glucose intolerance, hypertension, and digestive function imbalance begin to surface as the body starts to de-compensate. These symptoms reflect a body that is in the transitional phase of ageing that will last 10 years from age 35 to 45. Often the laboratory values are "borderline". In reality, the body is entering the transitional phase of the ageing process that will last 10 years. Some people will have outward signs and symptoms of age related diseases, while other do not.

By age 45, most people have a variety of outward symptoms commonly accepted as the natural consequence of the ageing progress, such as memory lost, decreased energy, hair loss, wrinkles. Laboratory values are now "abnormal", It is not uncommon that clinically active degenerative disease such as heart attack, diabetes, and cancer surface by this time. The body is now entering the clinical phase of ageing. A proactive approach must be taken, although it may be late.

By age 55, very few can escape a body free from cancer, arthrosclerosis, diabetes, or a combination of the above that account for 80 percent of age related degenerative diseases. Most people are on some form of drugs for symptomatic treatment of degenerative disease like osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes. Many are shocked why there had been little to no "warning" signs, and a desperate attempt is now made to launch a salvage operation designed to rescue the body from a lifetime of damage.